Writers of the Future Contest 3rd Quarter Winners 2016

3rd Quarter Writers of the Future Winners


Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter
Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Jake Marley from California
Second Place – Ville Merilainen from Finland
Third Place – C.L. Kagmi from Michigan



Scott Coon from California
David Kavanaugh from New Mexico
Deborah MacArthur from Florida
Caleb Thomas Rostedt from New South Wales, Australia
K.L. Schwengel from Wisconsin


David Cleden from Hampshire, United Kingdom
Brian Hodges from Washington State
Laura Lamoreaux from Utah
Scott Limekiller from Utah
Shawn McKee from Texas
Amy McLane from Arizona
Django Mathijsen from the Netherlands
Jillian R. Wahlquist from California

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Adams from New York
Mike Adamson from South Australia, Australia
B. Morris Allen from Oregon
Van Alrik from Utah
Jared Austin from Alabama
Anthony Bell from Washington State
Blaze Bernstein from California
Bret A. Booher from Indiana
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Justin Chasteen from Ohio
Vida Cruz from New York
Paulo da Silva from Germany
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Anthony W. Eichenlaub from Minnesota
Kristy Evangelista from Australia
Timothy A. Fenner from Wisconsin
Tania Fordwalker from Australia
Venus Fultz from Alaska
David Grubb from Maine
Nancy Hatch from New Mexico
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Mel Howard from Alabama
Michael Kingswood from California
Benjamin C. Kinney from Missouri
Elliot LeGrange from Illinois
D.C. Lozar from California
Samuel Marzioli from Oregon
Brandon McNulty from Pennsylvania
Sean Monaghan from New Zealand
Wulf Moon from Washington State
Zan Oliver from Louisiana
Al Onia from Alberta, Canada
Francesco Radicati from California
Julie Reeser from Montana
Andrew L. Roberts from California
Steve Rodgers from California
ME Smith from South Carolina
J.M. Tanenbaum from California
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Connecticut
Filip Wiltgren from Sweden
Nemma Wollenfang from Cheshire, United Kingdom
Tannara Young from California

Honorable Mentions:

Jeffrey Steven Abrams from Washington State
Timothy Adams from California
Ori Adriel from New York
E.J. Alexander from Arizona
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
Molly Elizabeth Atkins from Missouri
Jesse Barben from New Mexico
Chris Barili from Colorado
Francis Bass from Idaho
Ella Beaumont from Alberta, Canada
Rick Bennett from Utah
Ian Best from Jakarta, Indonesia
Rebecca Birch from Washington State
P.D. Blake from E. Yorks, United Kingdom
Dawn Bonanno from Illinois
Marty Bonus from California
Ezekiel James Boston from Nevada
Kris Bowser from Massachusetts
LR Braden from Colorado
Rebecca Brinker from California
Kathryn Burlew from Kentucky
James Caldwell from South Carolina
Steven T. Capps from Georgia
M.J. Carlson from Florida
Thomas K. Carpenter from Missouri
Rachel Carter from New York
Kyla K. Chapek from Oregon
Charles Chapman from Texas
Carleton Chinner from Australia
Thokozani Amanda Chiwandira from Central Africa
Joseph Colando from Oregon
Amber Colbert from Maryland
Brigid Collins from Michigan
Jareb Collins from California
Jacob Corey from Montana
John Cornell from Colorado
Ken Courtenay from Georgia
Marc A. Criley from Alabama
Adrian Croft from Ontario, Canada
Garrett Croker from California
Matthew Cropley from Australia
K.A. Cummins from Minnesota
Christina De La Rocha from Germany
Richard M. Dell’Orfano from California
Eliana Dianda from California
W.H.N. Dunham from Ontario, Canada
Em Dupre from New York
Heather Lee Dyer from Idaho
Michael Greenlese from Ohio
Nikolai Ellison from South Carolina
Lori Erickson from Indiana
Jonathan Ficke from Wisconsin
O.E. Fine from Massachusetts
Margaret McGaffey Fisk from Nevada
Ron S. Friedman from Alberta, Canada
Brandon Frye from Michigan
Katharina Gerlach from Germany
Yaara Gilan from New York
Barbara Giorgieri from Italy
Audrey Goates from Utah
Jeannette Gonzalez from California
Simon Graeme from Ohio
Glenn K. Graham from Idaho
Jake Guthrie from Mississippi
Philip Brian Hall from United Kingdom
Rachelle Harp from Texas
Mary-Jean Harris from Ontario, Canada
Darren L. Hawbrook from Lincoln, United Kingdom
Jacob Haynes from Ohio
Gillian Herrin from South Carolina
Daria Hoang from California
Ariana Hoelscher from Texas
Chip Houser from Missouri
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Marc Humphrey from Vienna, Austria
Xinging Jiang from Maryland
Flint F. Johnson from Minnesota
Toni Jones from Florida
Seth W. Kennedy from California
David Kernot from South Australia, Australia
Ezra Josiah Kohn from New York
Kiya Krier from California
Petra Kuppers from Michigan
Michelle Kurrle from Victoria, Australia
Cam Rhys Lay from Kansas
J. Lyon Layden from Georgia
Kate Lechler from Mississippi
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Brandon M. Lindsay from Washington State
Cory Loughmiller from Utah
Sanjna Manoj from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phil Margolies from Maryland
M. Leigh Marrott from Texas
L.B. Martin from Missouri
Samantha Martin from California
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Lisbeth L. McCarty from Oklahoma
Patrick McCully from Texas
Aracely Briana Medina from Florida
Angelica Medlin from California
R.A. Meenan from California
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Will Morton from California
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Rob Munns from Cheshire, England
R.S. Naifeh from Missouri
Nina Niskanen from Finland
Gwendolyn Nix from Montana
N.E. Oliver from Arizona
John M. Olsen from Utah
Andrei Rafael Padilla from California
Mark Painter from Pennsylvania
Johan Persson from Sweden
Chris Phillips from Ohio
Beth Powers from Indiana
Ross Raith from Victoria, Canada
B.M. Riley from Connecticut
Emmie Rogers from Tennessee
Daniel Roy from Quebec, Canada
Jason E. Royle from Pennsylvania
Allie Rugolo from Texas
Katarina Russo from Colorado
Jacob Marc Schafer from California
Sean C. Sexton from North Carolina
Patricia L. Shelton from Arizona
Austin Shirey from Virginia
A.E. Sjoquist from Washington State
Stephanie Sorth from California
J’nae Rae Spano from California
P.L. Smith from Washington State
Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey
L.B. Spillers from Colorado
Robert N. Stephenson from South Australia, Australia
Eric C. Stever from Wyoming
Alexander Strijewski from Florida
Travis Sullivan from Japan
Niraja Surendran from Texas
Carrie Swain from Florida
Jeremy Szal from New South Wales, Australia
Gabriele Teich from New Mexico
Andrew Thomson from Oregon
Katherine Toran from Kentucky
Stephanie Vance from Washington, D.C.
David Van Houten from Texas
N. Immanuel Velez from Virginia
Kyle de Waal from Kansas
Ralph Walker from New Jersey
R.W. Warwick from Japan
J.D. Wiley from Colorado
Katrina Winters from Illinois
Michael Worrell from Florida
James M. Wright from Utah
Ramez Yoakeim from California
Neil Young from California
Tyler A. Young from Minnesota
Robert Zoltan from California


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