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Unwritten Rules

Martin’s OPINION on the Unwritten Rules of the Writers of the Future

The unwritten rules from the Writers of the Future Forum on the Writers of the Future Contest as assembled by Martin Shoemaker.

Writers of the Future Volume 36 & 37 Workshop Week – Day 6

Day Six of the workshops—today was an all-star roster of authors and artists talking to the winners and giving invaluable tips to help them jump-start their careers.

Your Altered World: A “Scientific” Approach to Writing Fantasy

A scientific approach to writing fantasy can be termed hard fantasy: establish the rules, never break them, and discover how the story is shaped by them.
Playing the odds

Writers of the Future: Playing the Odds

A friend recently asked me about ways to improve your chances in the Writers of the Future contest. I thought it was a good question, and I thought my answers were a nice summary of lessons learned. So I decided to share them here as a simple set of “rules”