Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 36


Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners for 2019, Volume 36


This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Brock Aguirre from Washington
Daniel Bitton from Maryland
Benjamin Hill from Florida



Adrian Bush from California
Darya Pauliuchenka from New York
Miriam Presas from California
Mackenzie Reid from Wisconsin
Grace Underfanger from Illinois


Hannah Chang from California
Yihong Chen from New York
Anna Fiacco from Missouri
Alyssa Forbes from Georgia
John Jarin from California
Madolyn Locke from Georgia
Angela Mott from Wisconsin
Christian Olarte from Virginia
Madrona Redhawk from Nevada
Henry Scott from Pennsylvania
Mackenzie Shephard from Florida
Eternity Shorter from New York
Symphonii Smith-Kennedy from Florida
Erin Springs-McCottry from South Carolina
Alicia Warren from Georgia
Rebekah Wood from South Carolina
Nuo Yan from New York

Honorable Mentions:

Chase Allen from North Carolina
Cristhian Montenegro Arias from Costa Rica
Savannah Barlage from Ohio
Alexandria Campbell from Massachusetts
Andres Cardenas from California
Kayla Clark from Florida
Amiel Djoume from New York
Caitlin Fowler from California
Rebecca Gowdy from Virginia
Brandon Harn from Colorado
Kacie Jones from California
Katherine Knapik from Florida
Freya Lee from New York
Blake Maurice from Pennsylvania
Rodney Miller from Japan
Ana Moreno from Illinois
Lauryn Reynolds from Utah
April Robinson from Arkansas
Robyn Rozelle from Texas
James Sammons from Florida
Tori Shoemaker from Georgia
Zachary Stith from New Hampshire
Erika Torres from Georgia
Mary Visco from Ohio
Zhiqian Wang from Massachusetts
Sam White from Missouri
Cameron Yancy from Georgia


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