Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 41


And the winners are:

Haileigh Enriquez from California
Cherrie Fors from California
Daniel Montifar from Texas


Kara Best from California
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Concetta Franciamore from Italy
David Kudlac from Slovakia
Nina M. Steinkraus from California


Vinny Corradi from Pennsylvania
Olivia Harper from North Carolina
Nandhini Ramanathan from Utah
Anagha Talluri from Florida
Elisha Torres from Massachusetts
Madelyn Trevino from Texas
Jaiden Tucker from Texas

Honorable Mentions:

Lauren Adams from Florida
Ivan Alexiev from Bulgaria
Hagar Al-Hadhrami from Washington, D.C.
Leah Anderson from Connecticut
Camryn Andrews from Texas
Gracie Babin from Louisiana
Aaron Baldwin from California
Jo√£o Victor Brand√£o from Brazil
Timea M. Brassai from Indiana
Evdokia Brazhnikova from Maryland
Jaela Brite from Georgia
Juliana Brizuela Jimenez from Texas
Annika Brown from California
Theron Brown, II from Texas
Audrey Burt from Ohio
McKenna Cao from Nevada
Abbye Carver from Georgia
Ashley Cervantes Gamboa from Illinois
Linzi Chen from New Jersey
Cassie Chris from New York
Andrea Cordero from California
Asha Danielson from Iowa
Gaz Davis from Oregon
Guilherme de Souza Jácome from Brazil
Richard DeAza from Florida
Hollie DeFrancisco from North Dakota
Sydney Delinois from Michigan
Ranelle Duncan-Letts from New York
Eve DuQuette from Idaho
Sofia Elkins from Texas
Cyann Ferdinand from Florida
Fernando Ffherush from Brazil
Sofiia Filonovska from Florida
Valerie Finch from Georgia
Isis Fraser from New York
Olivia Fulfer from Colorado
Kissa Gaona-King from Virginia
Elroyn Gathright from Mississippi
Faith Gonzalez from California
Justus Harris from Georgia
Meg He from Tennessee
Alania Hinckson from Maryland
Carolina Hoppmann from South Carolina
Meckenzie Ingram from Georgia
Aden Jackson from Utah
Anna Johnson from Colorado
Abigail Jondahl from Arizona
Amaya Jazmine Jones from Florida
Naima Jones from Pennsylvania
Laura Julia-Malaret from Puerto Rico
Brian Koch from Utah
Evan Koup from Pennsylvania
Nikitha Kumar from Texas
Colin Lammie from Minnesota
Katie Lashbrook from Illinois
Chris Laventure from Maryland
Salem Leavitt from Nevada
Freya Lee from New York
Jimmy Li from New York
Jessica Loredo from Missouri
Philischa Louis Jean from Massachusetts
Sam Mackey from New York
Peyton Malone from Mississippi
Nola Marino from Maryland
Max Martelli from Vermont
Amira Martin from Michigan
Emerson Mattson from New Jersey
Ravyn McCarter from California
Anaya McClure from Texas
Nico R. McKible from New York
Erica McRay from North Carolina
Katrina Medina from Florida
Lelani Mendez from Florida
Amelia Miller from Washington
Jiseung Moon from New York
Iris Moreno from California
M Murphy Valencia from Arizona
Samantha Natale from New York
Gabrielle Nguyen from Virginia
Michael Noggins from Illinois
Sarah Noll from Texas
Ainsley Norris from Massachusetts
Precious Okoroafor from Ohio
Benjamin David Otero, II from Virginia
Samantha Pahia from California
Bomi Park from Korea
Sarah Pauly from Illinois
Rachel Polvadore from Georgia
Caleigh Pressley from Florida
Emma June Prestridge from Alabama
Javier Quintana from Italy
Sabrina Ramdial from New York
Lucy Ramirez from Arizona
Jessica Ratermann from Missouri
Raina Marrie Robles from Oklahoma
Gilbert Rodriguez from Florida
Jose Sanchez from Florida
Ryan Schuette from Texas
Cassandra M. Shores from Georgia
Tremani Sutcliffe from Utah
Mia Taylor from Florida
Madelyn Taylor from Michigan
Jon Tokarcza from Illinois
Zachary Torrence from Michigan
Ian Vivas Garcia from Arizona
Aspen Wood from Ohio
Qia Yu from Texas
Sophi Zeiler from Maryland
Rui Zheng from New York

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