Writers & Illustrators of the Future Workshop Week 2024 Day 2

Writers & Illustrators of the Future Workshop Week
2024 – Day 2

The Writers’ Workshop Begins!

Contributed by Martin Shoemaker

On the first day in the classroom, the writers assembled in the Elysian Park conference room at 9:00 a.m. with instructors, Jody Lynn Nye and Robert J. Sawyer. They were assigned their “writing twin” for the week by random selection of matching buttons from Jody’s grab bag. Their twin will be their close partner with whom they will discuss ideas and questions throughout the week.

Next, Jody and Rob taught topics in plotting, using examples from L. Ron Hubbard’s novel To the Stars and other influential stories. After a break, they dove deep into discussions of research to support story ideas and discover new ones.

After lunch, they turned to the topic of Characterization. They discussed how the protagonist should be the right person to experience and resolve the events of a story, yet a flawed individual who isn’t satisfied with the situation. After a break, they discussed Suspense, the art of raising questions that make readers care about the answers. They also discussed the risks of false tension.

The classroom sessions ended for the day so the men could visit the tuxedo store for fittings, and the women could consult on their attire for the gala. They made their way to dinner afterward; and some gathered later for LobbyCon, a chance to network with each other and with the instructors and pros.

Illustrators of the Future Art Workshop: Day 1, Arrival

Contributed by Leah Ning

Illustrators from around the world have been arriving since yesterday, and today they all finally got to sit down in the same room! They represent five different countries (Holland, Portugal, China, New Zealand, and America) combining with the writers for a total of eight (plus Canada, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom). Joni Labaqui met each of them at the hotel to help check them into their rooms while a whole fleet of Author Services and Galaxy Press staff shuttled them from the airport and got them settled in.

Before they were released for the evening, the illustrators gathered with Contest staff for a meet and greet, in which John Goodwin introduced the workshop and the Art book each winner received (complete with educational essays from L. Ron Hubbard). The illustrators also got quick blurbs of information and encouragement from a few of the folks who are organizing the week’s events. This included the event’s hashtag—watch #WOTF40 to see the posts! Finally, the artists introduced themselves, and Illustrators of the Future Contest Coordinating Judge and workshop leader Echo Chernik gave a quick overview of what the winners could expect for the next couple of days. Following a group photo, the illustrators were released to rest, chat, and get ready for the next day.

Tomorrow, Echo will begin speaking about the business side of illustration, including things not typically covered in art school. Stay tuned to hear more about the experiences these winners will get over the course of this week!

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