Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

First Place – Devon Bohm from Connecticut
Second Place – Arthur H. Manners from Great Britain
Third Place – David Hankins from Iowa


Chris Campbell from Colorado
Brandon Case from Nevada
M.C. Chai from New York
Amanda Knackstedt from Missouri
Chris Robinson from Georgia


Dan Hankner from Iowa
Eric Hull from Washington
Eadie Husband from Great Britain
Philip Kimmel from Illinois
Wren Scarborough from Massachusetts
A.P. Thayer from California
Loretta Torossian from Florida
Jan Villaverde from Philippines
D.S. Watson from Alabama

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Brooklyn Abercrombie from Idaho
J.W. Allen from Great Britain
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
Don Mark Baldridge from Pennsylvania
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Joe Benet from North Carolina
John D. Biglands from Great Britain
Ceci Black from Virginia
Adam Booth from Florida
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Oliver Brainerd from Colorado
Jennifer Brinn from Virginia
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Jason Chaplin from Missouri
Joanne C. Chapman from Utah
A.A. Conway from Great Britain
Rachel Delaney Craft from Colorado
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania
Jason P. Crawford from California
James Cummins from Georgia
Joseph Cusumano from Missouri
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Madeline Dau from Florida
Kevin A. Davis from Florida
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
Charles Drake from California
W.H.N. Dunham from Canada
A.V. Dutson from Utah
Tim Emery from Great Britain
Patricia A. Ezell from Georgia
Jenn Fir from California
Ben Fitzgerald from Connecticut
Kiley Flynn from Pennsylvania
Shannon Fox from California
Alex Fox from Massachusetts
P.K. Gardner from North Carolina
Aster Glass from California
J.C.G. Goelz from Louisiana
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Jeanette Gonzalez from California
Justin Greer from Utah
Douglas Gwilyn from Pennsylvania
Phillip Hall from Virginia
James A. Hearn from Texas
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Yeney Hernandez from Florida
Jared A. Jackson from Florida
Sean Jones from Colorado
Kent Jones from Minnesota
David Kilman from Colorado
TJ Knight from New York
Stephen Kopka from Illinois
S.E. Kramer from Washington D.C.
MQ Larue from Maryland
Adam Lemma from Pennsylvania
Johnny Libenzon from Arizona
Akis Panagiotis Linardos from Greece
Brianne Linn from Pennsylvania
E.C. Logan from Maine
John Lowell from California
Boo Ludlow from Utah
Dennis Maulsby from Iowa
Rachel Maybee from Massachusetts
Jill McMillan from Canada
S. Daniel McPhail from Oklahoma
Cassie Meyer from Kansas
Elaine Midcoh from Florida
Devin Miller from North Carolina
E.L. Montague from Texas
Francesco Moramarco from Great Britain
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Waverly X. Night from Washington
Spener Nitkey from New Jersey
David Norling from Washington
Brian Norman from Texas
John M. Olsen from Utah
Barton Perkins from Alabama
Chris Pettett from Australia
M.E. Pickett from Virginia
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Adrian Rayner from Great Britain
Rebecca E. Schibler from Texas
Ihsan Sim from Singapore
Michael Simon from Canada
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Irina Skitahlets from California
Mason Stevens from Kentucky
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Sophia Tao from Washington
Hope Terrell from New Jersey
Francene Thompson from Nevada
Mark Tomlinson from Illinois
Paulene Turner from Australia
Nicole Van Den Eng from Wisconsin
Odin Vestch from Canada
Scott Pahaku Vilhauer from California
J L Wager from New Mexico
Markus Wessel from Germany
Kevin West from Germany
L. Cyrus Whelchel from Texas
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Cliff Winnig from California
Kirk Wolcott from Maryland
Mike Wyant Jr. from New York
Alexander M. Wyckoff from California
Neil Young from California
Brad Zeiger from Oregon

Honorable Mentions:

Armand Acestroke from Illinois
Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Natalia Agocs from Canada
A.M Aikman from Florida
Stacey Akins from Tennessee
Jonathan Allison from Texas
Van Alrik from Idaho
Ella Ananeva from Washington
Ardaschir Arguelles from Minnesota
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Jen Bair from Texas
Erik Baker from California
Gabriella Balcom from Texas
Alexander Barrett from Arizona
Kristin Bartlett from Texas
Dante Basil from California
Erin Bateman from Utah
Micah Bates from Oregon
Amitai Ben-Abba from Michigan
E.J. Bennett from Maine
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Matthew Berkman from Colorado
Joseph Paul Bernstein from Maryland
John Biggs from Oklahoma
Richie Billing from Great Britain
Ojo Bishop from Montana
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
Daniel Blatt from California
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Sierra Branham from Utah
Srdjan Brdar from Serbia
Marlin Bressi from Pennsylvania
Hui T. Brickner from Minnesota
Savannah Brookins from Georgia
Mark Broucek from Illinois
A.E. Bruns from Mississippi
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
Sasha Buford from Louisiana
Liz Busby from Utah
David Canton from Utah
Theo Carr from Great Britain
Jenny Perry Carr from Texas
Ryan Carroll from South Carolina
Anna Carson from Alaska
Timothy Cassidy-Curtis from Colorado
Madeleine Chae from North Carolina
Finn Clarke from Great Britain
Chris Clemens from Canada
David Close from Arizona
John Coffren from Maryland
Jeh Colburn from North Carolina
W. Scott Cole from Colorado
Lee Collins from Alabama
Troy Cooper from Texas
Eowyn Cornato from Washington
C. Thomas Cox from Maryland
Adrian Croft from Canada
Sean Cudeck from Minnesota
Sylvia Cumming from California
Emily Dauvin from Canada
James Davies from Maryland
Marco de la Roche from New York
Daniel de Lill from Florida
Emily V. Deal from West Virginia
Benjamin DeHaan from Japan
John E. DeLaughter from Oklahoma
Christopher DelGuercio from New York
Domenic diCiacca from Missouri
Adam Dickson from Canada
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
Michael Anthony Dioguardi from New York
L.E. Doggett from California
Erika Drake from North Carolina
Isaac Jonathan Dunlap from Great Britain
Tony Dunnell from Peru
P. Dupree from South Africa
Joshua Dyer from West Virginia
Douglas E. Hamilton from Ohio
Bryce Easton from Kansas
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Martin Ercse from Canada
J.A. Erickson from California
Kat Farrow from Utah
Beck Fife from Missouri
Isabel Firster from Kentucky
C.J. Flynn from Missouri
CL Fors from California
Tim Fox from Oregon
Felicia Fredlund from Sweden
Krispen Frost from Michigan
S.F. Fury from Idaho
Will G. from Ohio
Logan Garner from Oregon
E.H. Gaskins from Colorado
Hannah Gaydeski from North Carolina
Andre K. George from Colorado
Russell Giles from Utah
Cara Giles from Utah
Elaine Gilmartin from New York
Katy Gilmore from Nebraska
Nate Givens from Virginia
Peter Glazebrook from Great Britain
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Halina Goldstein from Denmark
Yvette Goodwin from Utah
Taliesin Gore from Great Britain
Jentina Grey from California
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Kevin P. Hallett from Texas
Shelby Hansen from Texas
Alex Harford from Great Britain
Iris Harrison from Vermont
DW Harvey from California
L. Hass from Dubai
BJ Hawkins from California
Aiden Heavilin from Indiana
Anja Hendrikse Liu from California
Soren M. Henry from Canada
Amy Herring from Alabama
Laura Hill from Canada
Nora Hille from Germany
Aspen Hite from Illinois
Ben Hoffman from Maryland
Benjamin T. Hollingsworth from Mississippi
Hudson Holtzinger from Washington
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
D.J. Hoskins from Idaho
Renee Hughes from Connecticut
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Kelsey Hutton from Canada
Gregory R. Hyde from Colorado
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
Vance Jackson from California
Sarah Jakubowski from Oregon
R. A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
Bob Johnston from Great Britain
Todd Jones from Michigan
Ron Kaiser from New Hampshire
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Myra Karine from Utah
Bettina Karpathian from North Carolina
Kimberly Kaufman from California
S.S. Kay from Armenia
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Matthew Keefer from Massachusetts
Kristina Kelly from Indiana
Haibib Kerim from Maryland
Jared Kerr from California
E. Kimball from Virginia
Michael Kingswood from California
Priscilla Kint from Netherlands
Chris Kok from Netherlands
Kevin Kraft from Missouri
Stephanie Kraner from Pennsylvania
Anitha Krishnan from Canada
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Michael Lansbury from Mexico
Ray LeCara Jr. from Washington
Hermione Lee from Taiwan
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Danica Lee from New Mexico
Kay Leigh from New York
Patrick Leitzen from Iowa
Dugan Lentz from North Carolina
Kier Leon from North Carolina
M.N. Lloyd from Massachusetts
Nemo Lockeheart from Germany
Fiona Lu from California
Ania Lukashevich from Greece
Judy Lunsford from Arizona
John Mabey from Utah
J.P. MacDonald from Australia
Robert Marquiss from California
Peter Martin from Vermont
Hannah Martin from Nevada
Corbin G. Maxwell from California
Bradley McCann from Australia
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Noah McCowen from Texas
L.R. McGary from Massachusetts
Amy McGeorge from Kansas
Joshua Harley McKnight from California
Kenneth Meade from Georgia
R. A. Meenan from California
Lynn Michals from Korea
George Allen Miller from Washington D.C.
Vincent Morgan from Canada
Martha Muszko from Norway
Callin Naddy from Colorado
Ruth Nickle from Arizona
David North-Martino from Massachusetts
Ikem Nylander from China
Mandy Oaks from Tennessee
Riley Odell from Colorado
Jim Ogburn from Texas
Taya Okerlund from Utah
R. S. Olivetree from Brazil
Kanyinsola Olorunnisola from Alabama
Al Onia from Canada
Mattea Orr from New York
Georgia Papp from Romania
Michael Parsons from Virginia
Elisa Passarella from Italy
Jaideep Patel from California
Barbara Patten from Minnesota
JCR Paulino from California
Brett Peterson from Missouri
Roderick Phillips from Kansas
J. Kenton Pierce from Pennsylvania
Gabriel Piessens from Canada
Melissa Poettcker from Canada
Beth Powers from Indiana
Ed Prestwood from Arizona
Brian Price from Utah
Susan Qrose from Canada
C.T. Reed from Wisconsin
S. L. Reno from Texas
Mike Restaino from California
Sonya Rhen from Washington
Sarah Ridolfi from New York
K.W. Roberts from Colorado
J.M. Roberts from Illinois
Dhyane Robinson from Canada
Stephen A. Roddewig from Virgina
Daniel Rodrigues-Martin from Minnesota
J.F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
Glenn Rosado from Florida
David Rose from Maine
Jen Ross from Aruba
Alina Ruzmetova from Virginia
J.V. Rye from South Carolina
H.E. Salian from Washington
Valeriya Salt from Great Britain
Edwards Sammons from Florida
Scott M. Sands from Australia
John Schleicher from Montana
Marcus Schmidt from California
Nicholas Schorn from Canada
Adeline J. Schultz from Illinois
Abhishek Sengupta from India
Safia H. Senhaji from Canada
Aurora Sharp from Vermont
Rachel Shaw from Georgia
Clara Shoemaker from Rhode Island
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Logan Signorello from Nevada
Wendy Simpson from Delaware
Brad Smith from New York
Dane St. George from Pennsylvania
J K Stephens from Florida
Eric Stever from Idaho
Wesley Stine from Arizona
Roni Stinger from Washington
Daniel W. Stohel from Oregon
A. Sundeen from Ohio
D.R. Sweeney from Florida
Adam Sypolt from West Virginia
Tyler Tarter from Utah
Randy Tayler from Utah
Sylvia Telfer from Great Britain
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
Kelly Thomas from California
Charles Thompson from South Carolina
Marissa Tian from Texas
Amy Tibbetts from Rhode Island
SL Tine from Delaware
Ellen & James Toner from Massachusetts
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Christopher Tuthill from New York
Nickolas X. Urpi from Virginia
Izzy Varju from Denmark
Michael A. Ventrella from Pennsylvania
Lauren Voeltz from Minnesota
Jillian Wahlquist from California
Charles Walter from Arizona
Merethe Walther from Georgia
Nicole Wang from Delaware
E.J. Watt from California
Catherine Weaver from California
Abigail Welborn from Florida
Edgard Wentz from Brazil
Aaron Werntz from Texas
Ana Wesley from California
Galen Westlake from Canada
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Connor Whiteley from Great Britain
L A Wibberley from Canada
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
William R.D. Wood from Virginia
David Xu from Oregon
Timothy Yeo from Singapore

12 replies
  1. Valeriya Salt
    Valeriya Salt says:

    Congratulations to all winners, finalists, and Honourable Mentions! It feels surreal to see my name amongst them. Thank you, judges, for choosing my story.

  2. Physa/ Guthington/ Amy
    Physa/ Guthington/ Amy says:

    Excited to receive my first honorable mention! Congrats to everyone who placed and special congrats to the finalists and top three for the quarter!

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      Hello Bernadette,
      We have had at least 6 winners in the past whose native language was not English. You will find support here in the forum.


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