Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

First Place – Lance Robinson from Canada
Second Place – Kalpana Mahendran from Malaysia
Third Place – Lisa Silverthorne from Nevada


Christopher Baxter from Utah
William Paul Jones from California
Kent Jones from Minnesota
KT Wagner from Canada
Mary Wilson from Kansas


Keshka Baron from California
Ezekiel James Boston from Nevada
Alexia Dilg from Virginia
Karissa Harlow from Arizona
Doc Honour from Florida
Eli Jones from Oregon
Irene Liang from Texas
Charley Marsh from Minnesota
Stephen Pimentel from California
J.H. Schiller from Ohio
Jonathan Worlde from West Virginia

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Ashley Agbay from Illinois
Michael Ainaire from New Hampshire
Django Mathijsen Ana Haen from Netherlands
J.D. Anthony from Texas
Andrew Armstrong from New York
Matt Athanasiou from Illinois
Stirling Avis from Oklahoma
Jen Bair from Wyoming
Rick Bennett from Utah
GL Bertram from Utah
James Blakey from Virginia
Daniel Blatt from California
T.E. Bradford from New York
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Madeline Byrne from Australia
R.C. Cadigan from California
Cody D. Campbell from Oregon
Jenny Perry Carr from Texas
Brandon Case from Nevada
Quiana Chase from Utah
Lauren Cipollo from California
Zaslow Crane from Washington
Jason P. Crawford from California
Kate Dane from Minnesota
James Davies from Maryland
G.L. Dearman from Florida
Fabien Delorme from France
Taskel Dillon from Sweden
Arthur M. Doweyko from Florida
P Dupree from South Africa
Daniel Elliot from California
Zary Fekete from Minnesota
Jenn Fir from California
Shannon Fox from California
J.J. Gilmore from California
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Hannah Greer from North Carolina
Alex Harford from Great Britain
Ross C. Higgins from Texas
Jennifer L. Hilty from Ohio
Morgan G. Howell from South Carolina
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
S.R. Jensen from Idaho
Erik Johnson from Vietnam
Anna Johnson from Great Britain
Zathara Jones from Nevada
Kristina Kelly from Indiana
Scott Kircher from Illinois
Bernardette Kowal from Iowa
Raj Kumar from Florida
Edward Latham from London
Darren Lipman from Wisconsin
Tonya Lippert from Oregon
Robert F. Lowell from California
Daniel Medrano from Wyoming
Don Miasek from Canada
LF Mills from Great Britain
Ashia Mirza from Great Britain
E.L. Montague from Texas
J. Needham from Canada
J. Autumn Needles from Washington
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Spencer Orey from Denmark
Willem Peters from Canada
Emilia Pulliainen from Finland
Michael Quinn from Maryland
Lee Rector from California
Trish Renee from Michigan
K.Z. Richards from Ohio
Glenn Rosado from Florida
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Ian Schutzman from California
L. A. Selby from Florida
Charles D. Shell from Virginia
Caliburn Shumake from Tennessee
Mary Shurtleff from Utah
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Michael Simon from Canada
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Kimberly Smiley from Mississippi
Gideon P. Smith from Massachusetts
Maria Steinmetz from Indiana
J K Stephens from Florida
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Sophia Tao from Washington
Annie Tupek from Oregon
Stephanie Turner from Canada
Jillian Wahlquist from California
Lea Waits from Georgia
Charles Walter from Arizona
J. Watt from Texas
Morgan Welch from Great Britain

Honorable Mentions:

J.J. Adamson from Colorado
Elaine Allen from Louisiana
Gregory Amato from Oregon
Shafali R. Anand from India
E.S.S. Archer from Canada
F. D. Artherhults from West Virginia
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
Grace Ashley from Kansas
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Chris Balliet from Pennsylvania
Rachael Bates from Kentucky
Gary Battershell from Arkansas
Joe Benet from North Carolina
J.W. Benford from California
Ryan Benson from Georgia
A. Beral from California
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
William Bleuel III from California
Seth Bohn from Washington
Victor Bondar from New Jersey
Deren Bott from Utah
Kody Boye from Texas
N.S. Bradford from New York
Bryan Brady from Pennsylvania
Sierra Branham from Utah
David Bridge from Great Britain
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Morgan Broadhead from Ohio
Gabriel Burch from Oklahoma
J. C. from New Jersey
C.J. Carter-Stephenson from Great Britain
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Sheila Chambers from Utah
Samuel Chapman from Oregon
Kelly Chen from Maryland
Jan Chu from Hong Kong
Megan Cicolello from Massachusetts
D.M. Cieran from Colorado
Gio Clairval from Italy
Derek Coller from Washington
Sarah Connell from North Carolina
Troy Cooper from Texas
Strattino Crenshaw from Utah
Adrian Croft from California
James D. Crofts III from Utah
Emily Crook from Utah
Sylvia Cumming from California
James Cummins from Georgia
Joseph Cusumano from Missouri
Claire Czotter from Massachusetts
Emily Dauvin from Canada
L.A. Davis from New Hampshire
Clinton De Young from Utah
Jason D. Dempsey from Florida
Victoria L. Dixon from Kanas
Zephyr Dorsey from Iowa
Shea K. Dunlop from Vermont
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Joshua Dyer from West Virginia
Bryce Easton from Kansas
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Anna Elicano-Shields from Great Britain
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Jonathan Fesmire from California
SL Field from Maryland
Jennifer Fleck from Washington
CL Fors from California
Tim Fox from Oregon
Joseph Friesen from Canada
Krispen Frost from Michigan
J.J. Galluzzo from Montana
J.R. Garnett from California
Shelley Gaske from Oregon
Russell Giles from Utah
Cara Giles from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Ed Godbois from Massachusetts
Xavier Gray from Michigan
Peter Michael Gray from Great Britain
Josh Green from Australia
Madhu Guruprasad from California
A.C. Gustafson from Canada
Ivy Hamid from Virginia
Paul E. Harmon from Arizona
Samuel C. Hasler from Indiana
Gabriel Helleren from Australia
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Joshua Henson from Virginia
Carlton Herzog from New Jersey
Benjamin Hewett from Texas
Bethany Hobbs from Iowa
Joshua Hollingsworth from Texas
Yuchen Hong from Singapore
Patrick Honovich from Illinois
Eloise Hopkinson from Great Britain
C. Zven Houck from California
Scott Howard from Virginia
David A. Hughes from Arkansas
Andrew Hughes from Arizona
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
J.J. Ingram from Great Britain
Seraphim Isper from Canada
Raven Jakubowski from New York
Lenore James from California
Hall Jameson from Washington
Philip Janowski from Michigan
Caleb Jennison from Kansas
R.A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
Mike Johnston from Canada
Sean Jones from Colorado
Taria Karillion from Great Britain
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Montgomery Kelly from Australia
J Scott King from Washington
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Danielle Krage from Great Britain
Norah Kratz from Alabama
Elizabeth Ku from Nevada
Michael La Ronn from Iowa
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Jessica Li from California
Michelle Liggons from California
Karen A. Lin from California
Akis Linardos from Greece
C.H. Lindsay from Utah
Angel Lock from Great Britain
Charlie B. Lorch from France
Benson Lucero from Philippines
Chloe Macdonald from Utah
Cameron David Mack from Northern Ireland
Helena Hovsep Mahdessian from California
Mark Manifesto from California
Parker McIntosh from Oregon
I.J. McManis from Ohio
Gabriel Meek from Washington
Luna Meurke from Sweden
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Brighid Moret from Maryland
Stanley Morewood from Illinois
Albert Morrow from Missouri
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Jack Mulcahy from Pennsylvania
Jack Nash from Virginia
Eric Nihil from Louisiana
David North-Martino from Massachusetts
Riley Odell from Colorado
A.C. Oliphant from Utah
Rosie Oliver from Great Britain
John M. Olsen from Utah
S.L. Ortega from Texas
James Palmer from Georgia
Barbara Patten from Minnesota
Jackie Payson from Florida
Jacob Perez from California
Hayden Perno from Australia
C.J. Persson from Sweden
Dan Peyton from Michigan
Blake B. Phillippi from Montana
David S. Pittsenberger from Arizona
Scott Porter from Kansas
Gus Potter from California
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Jesse Powell from Kansas
Beth Powers from Indiana
W.A. Provencher from Poland
R. Atreides Pytel from Minnesota
Harriet Radford from California
Carlos Ramirez from New Jersey
Anthony Regolino from Pennsylvania
Monte Remer from Idaho
S.C. Rey from Utah
Jared A. Robinson from California
Steve Rodgers from California
Marie Q. Rogers from Florida
Darren Rogers from Texas
M. Rojas from California
Leigh Romero from Alabama
Michelle Rose from Oregon
Heather Rutkowski from Florida
Manisha Sahoo from India
Annmarie SanSevero from Arkansas
Donna Sawicki from Colorado
Wren Scarborough from Massachusetts
Ginger Schiffmayer from Colorado
Joel C. Scoberg from Great Britain
Jacob Serena from Australia
J Broc Sewell from South Korea
Rosemary Sgroi from Great Britain
Hank Shore from North Carolina
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Katlina Sommerberg from Oregon
Stephen Stein from New Mexico
Jake Stein from Oregon
Danielle Stonehirsch from Maryland
Erin L. Swann from Maryland
Kate Swenson from Washington
Aven T from Oregon
John Taloni from California
James Tanenbaum from California
Viktoria A. Tatscg from Texas
G. J. Terral from Texas
Hope Terrell from New Jersey
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
Thomas Tortorich from Missouri
Karen Townsend from Virginia
James A. Tweedie from Washington
Kenneth Urban from Maryland
Shriya Vallabhaneni from Arizona
Leif Wallsby from Sweden
Burton Weinstein from California
Addelyn Welch from Indiana
Aaron Werntz from Texas
Kevin West from Germany
Frostie Whinery from Oklahoma
Jack Wideyer from Idaho
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
Cliff Winnig from California
Robin C. Wolver from Australia
Gavin Wood from California
Anna X from South Carolina
Alexis Yoo from New York
Grace Zanghi from New Jersey

9 replies
  1. Jennifer Hilty
    Jennifer Hilty says:

    I’m so excited and honored to have gotten a Silver Honorable Mention! I don’t think I comprehended just how MANY stories are submitted to this contest until I read in a previous blog that the Honorable Mentions are the top 10% and I did the math. Thank you so much, I am excited to get my certificate! And congrats to everyone else who got a mention; I wish I could read all our stories!

  2. Troy Cooper
    Troy Cooper says:

    Does anyone know where of if they list how many people entered in a given quarter? In the past we were told all of the honorable mentions and above add up to 10% but this year when you add them all up they equal 338. This figure doesnt make sense with past trends of 5k plus stories entered quarterly. So either less people entered this quarter or they changed their precentages. Maybe these are the top 5% now?

    • Joni Labaqui - Contest Director
      Joni Labaqui - Contest Director says:

      Hi Troy,
      We don’t have a “set” cut-off percentage for Honorable Mentions. It can go from 5% to 10% and has even been more at times in the past. It really depends upon the quarter. There are too many variables to get into details but the key thing is to concentrate on your own story telling abilities.

  3. Addelyn Welch
    Addelyn Welch says:

    I am a young author in high school trying to find time to write in between marching band practices and Pre-Calculus homework. I’ve dreamed of becoming a published author since I was in second grade, and I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered this contest. I submitted my first story this quarter, knowing inside that it was a long shot but hoping anyway. Receiving an honorable mention on my first submission made me feel like I really might have a shot in a market filled with talented people that have much more experience than I do! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m determined to keep writing and work my way up the ranks! Here’s to meeting you in person at the Annual Awards Ceremony some day!


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